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The Guns of August


Наконец оцифровали "The Guns of August". И на Амазоне за деньги, и в опенлайбрари затак.

Читаю, и иногда просто крючит от близости 1914-го к 2014-му. Хорошо что она мне в августе не попалась:

Envy of the older nations gnawed at him. He complained to Theodore Roosevelt that the English nobility on continental tours never visited Berlin but always went to Paris. He felt unappreciated. “All the long years of my reign,” he told the King of Italy, “my colleagues, the Monarchs of Europe, have paid no attention to what I have to say. Soon, with my great Navy to endorse my words, they will be more respectful.”

The same sentiments ran through his whole nation, which suffered, like their emperor, from a terrible need for recognition. Pulsing with energy and ambition, conscious of strength, fed upon Nietzsche and Treitschke, they felt entitled to rule, and cheated that the world did not acknowledge their title. “We must,” wrote Friedrich von Bernhardi, the spokesman of militarism, “secure to German nationality and German spirit throughout the globe that high esteem which is due them … and has hitherto been withheld from them.

Ну и дальше про горы самообмана, принимания желаемого за действительное, выдуманных французских фашистов и сакральные права на.
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